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We at LDecor Contractors LTD.  have collaborated with GR Architecture in few projects and their quality, availability, cooperation and creativity of work has always been next to none.

The work was completed on time, and we were highly satisfied with their professionalism and pleasant demeanour of their staff.

We would highly recommend their services.

LDecor Contractors LTD 












For Builders and Developers

At GR Architecture we offer a range of services for construction companies and property developers. Whether you are developing a large plot of land or altering an existing structure we understand how important it is that you pass through planning and design painlessly.

We will help you avoid pitfalls and delays by drawing upon our thorough understanding of planning laws. We will understand your vision through consultations which will allow us to put your ideas to paper. We'll provide an efficient and responsive service that will ensure your construction project is a successful one.







Architectural drawings from our architect in Ealing


Architectural Design

At the design stage, our team of architects will begin by understanding your needs and what you want to achieve. We'll discuss your site and your budget and the best way to achieve your goals. From small extensions to major developments we can guide you from conception through to complete architectural drawings.

We will be creative in finding solutions and responsive in factoring in your needs. We are skilled in working with all types of clients and will work effectively with you, whether you want to take the lead or leave everything to us.

Contact us at GR Architecture if you are looking for an architect in Ealing or London.



Architectural Drawings

Our team can provide different sets of drawings for different stages of your construction project. From concept layouts that incorporate 3D imagery to architectural drawings for building permission applications, we can deliver detailed drawings that cover every aspect of your building.

If you are trying to schedule several jobs or plan ahead planning hold ups can cause major problems.

Delays in having initial drawings slows down when you can provide a quote. This can be the difference in getting the job or not.

We guarantee you will receive initial drawings within ten days. (From agreeing the brief with you or your client).

Contact us to request drawings or get a quote.

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Building Control

It is critical that your building satisfies all building codes and regulation requirements. This ensures that your building is safe and habitable. Some projects require planning permission whilst some do not, however every project will require building control.

Our experienced team will identify the needs of your project and make a building regulations (Building control) application.

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Building control services with our Architect in Ealing





A guide to planning permission

Navigating the various challenges at planning stage can be difficult if you have little experience in this area. At GR Architecture we have an excellent rate of approval and will ensure your submission is as good as it can be.

We will identify potential issues and formulate innovate solutions. We will create an airtight application that makes the best case for construction. We will liaise directly with the council and negotiate effectively with planning officers and the planning committee. You can rest assured that your project is in safe hands during this critical stage.

Contact us at GR Architecture if you are looking for planning permission and architectural design services in Ealing and London. Or download this guide for further information on planning permission.

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A guide to planning permission with our Architect in Ealing














I have worked with Fatlum since 2017 in 3 of my properties. He understood the project brief well and dealt with the planners to receive planning approval. I am very happy with his work and will continue to use his services . I will not hesitate to recommend him to my clients.

Resst Construction Ltd












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Want to speak to us about our services? Contact our architects if you are in Ealing or London to request drawings or get a quote.

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